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Archive: Nov 2009

  1. Introducing Bonobos


    From the initial contact to the moment we came to an agreement, it all happened very quickly. I received a message via AbsoluteB, completely out of the blue, expressing interest in my possibly joining Bonobos as a designer/developer. Barely a week later, having had a few conversations and giving the offer some thought, I have initialed, dated and signed my contract to develop and design for Groningen based marketing and media company Bonobos. Ok, so I don’t officially start till next month, but I’m already excited about getting started and am really looking forward to bringing and sharing my ideas in the hope of reaching higher levels of success!

  2. 7 on the Pro


    It was strange; that feeling I got seeing a Windows logo boot up on my Pro was almost identical to the chills I got while watching the movie Paranormal Activity. It just didn’t seem right at all. I got around the other day to installing Windows 7 Ultimate through Bootcamp, and I have to admit that my initial impressions have been positive, not just in a sense when compared to Vista (which I never owned anyway) but also as an OS overall. Granted I haven’t been, nor do I plan, on using it very heavily. The only two reasons I did this was one; testing of cross platform compatibility of my work and two; gaming (Counter Strike: Source to be precise). 7 has been snappy and perky compared to my experience with Vista, but then I’ve read articles that, ironically, Windows has the tendency to run better and smoother on a Mac anyway, so I don’t know how it will run on your average consumer PC. I will say that compared to my last Windows experience, which was XP, it’s definitely a graphical step in the right direction, and I would actually go so far as to say that I like it.

    Does it phase me into considering going back to a PC though? Nope, not even close. I still consider OS X, by design alone, a much simpler and user friendly OS, and above all else, I just love OS X, even more so since Snow Leopard came out. That’s not to say that things won’t change in the future, in fact, I’m willing to go out on a limb that unless Apple makes a giant leap forward in their next OS, that whatever comes after 7 (an educated guess would be 8) will be something for the company from Cupertino, CA to seriously worry about!

  3. fiss

    One of my favorite design studios, FI, or Fantasy Interactive. has given their website a face lift, and though it can hardly be called a redesign at all, I have to say that its a huge improvement on a design that was pretty much near perfect to begin with. I remember when FI launched their previous site, which replaced a design that was, in comparison, very flashy and inspiring, it was met with quite some criticism that it didn’t quite represent the company as it should have. That design incorporated a lot of 3D, dynamic Flash components and video and it was a whole new standard on its own. With the previous iteration of the site, things calmed down and the idea was to let FI’s work speak for itself, rather than the website itself. Given how the trend of web design is towards clean, sensible usability, which everyone seems to be following, only a few agencies like FI could go with those trends and still come out with something unique and special, and this face lift is such a breath of fresh air! (more…)

  4. Analysed


    I always try to stay on top of things, regardless of what it is. Whether it be related to design, development, Internet, technology, economy, gadgets or automotive, I just wanna know it all! It’s in this way that I first read the rumor that Apple was probably about to launch a new mouse, and this while I had just bought a wireless Mighty Mouse. Not wanting to be stuck with old tech, I rushed back to the Media Markt electronics store and returned it within the 2 week period in which this was allowed and got a full refund. Two months later, sure enough, Apple launched the Magic Mouse and though I have yet to pick one up, I’m glad I’m not stuck with the soooo 2009 Mighty Mouse.

    Among the many news/social sites and blogs that I visit daily, even hourly, is definitely one of them, and recently the International news network launched a new site, which I have to admit took some getting used to, but having spent some time on the new site, I found the user experience to be much leaner and cleaner than the previous design. Like all new sites and designs I come across, I looked at it analytically, wondering if there was anything I would have done differently or if there was anything I could maybe learn from their new, (I’m assuming) well thought through design. Then I came across an interesting article on Web Designer Depot . It described the new layout, design and usability of the site and brought up some interesting points. Some of which I agree with, others I don’t so much. None the less, I thought it was worth sharing! (more…)