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Archive: Jan 2010

  1. fonts

    I have to admit, when I design a website, the choice of font, though absolutely crucial, is rarely a difficult one. When I design a logo or some kind of identity however, it’s a different story, but because I’m designing a potential image or vector, the decision to use a unique font isn’t as difficult, because designing a website means my choices are pretty limited because of the tiny list of standard fonts installed on a viewers computer. In any case, I personally am a bigger fan of clean and simple fonts and prefer the use of sans-serifs in my designs, though should a project call for it, serif fonts do have their moments. It’s not always a big deal though; besides the logo or the headers of a website, I don’t find using a unique font for content all that important, or even good practice. Sure there are ways around it like creating an image of the font, but the use of alt tags isn’t very SEO (though I’m told it is improving all the time by our SEO specialist at Bonobos), and since I would usually only use a unique font for headers and titles and such anyway, that would mean leaving out the H tags which is a big SEO no-no. But now I’ve come across a pretty awesome solution called Cufon (sorry that I came across like an infomercial just then). (more…)

  2. wine

    I’ve been with Bonobos for over a month now and so I’ve only written about learning new stuff and stuff not really working so I thought it might be time to showcase some work I’ve been doing which I actually can show just to prove that I’m not sitting around merely admiring my Apple dominated work space; which has turned out pretty sweet I gotta say, though I’m finding it hard to justify €25 for an Apple iPhone doc.

    Anywho, this isn’t the first nor the only project I’ve been working on since joining the company obviously, as there are many, many more, but seeing as this one has just gotten approval and the client is pretty psyched about the design, I figured this would be a good one to start off with.

    I won’t go into the whole process I went through and the thinking behind it for now. Just that Van Kooten Wijnen came to Bonobos in need of a brand to represent itself and needed that image reflected in all aspects of it’s business, so I designed a logo and the usual letterhead/business card/etc/etc to go along with it… and that’s pretty much it learn this here now.

  3. IE vs the rest

    I’ve gotten a lot done this week. I got down and dirty in the ActionScript of a Flash application which displays every city and location of every telephone area code in Holland; pretty nifty! I managed to build in functionality that displays every client in every region and whether or not they have an ad in the local phone book and if so, what the size the ad is. I also developed two site designs I’ve been working on in the past week. I should say that one of them is a little out of my style since its main design consists of a screen centered container, something I’m not a fan of because of 1. requiring a center screen container, which is ok depending on the browser you’re working with and 2. it constricts content display possibilities. In any case, the sites were designed and developed fairly quickly… on my Mac that is. This week I’ve discovered just how annoying Internet Explore (IE) really is. Seriously, it really has become a situation of one vs everyone else! I’ve got a lot of experience in cross browser/platform development, but the past few weeks, and especially this past one in particular, have taught me a whole bunch of new things concerning the differences, and frankly, the issues that IE brings forward for a designer/developer such as myself. (more…)