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Archive: Jul 2010

  1. Time for some R&R

    You’ll undoubtedly notice that I haven’t posted much in the past few weeks, let alone post anything that had any sense or value. Things have been incredibly busy at Bonobos since I opted to take on the ICT Manager role along side my current role as designer/front end developer. The past week or so has been the most busy I’ve ever been as I’ve been working hard to get things the way I want them within ICT, plus learning the ropes and undertaking all the responsibilities of my latest undertaking. Patrick, the manager I’m taking over for, was away for a week and so this was an opportunity for me to get my feet (very) wet. I’ll admit that there are plenty of things I could have done smoother and better, but I’ll be bold enough to give myself some credit for doing the job that I’ve done so far. I’ve certainly had to find the balance between taking the time to design and create my visions and utilizing short time spans to create designs that are “good enough”. I know, it’s such a sin as a designer to do anything that way, but as a manager with responsibilities, I have to decide whether my priorities allow me take the time or to deliver so that we as a company can move forward quicker.

    As far as I’m concerned, I will do everything I can to maintain my initial role as designer and front end developer along side my new responsibilities rather than bringing on a new designer. Besides the fact that I believe that only I can carry out my vision better than anyone, I also love designing and every aspect of what it means to me too much. No doubt there will be times when I wonder if I’m trying too much, but I can honestly say that I’ll do everything I can do delegate my tasks so that I can focus on what I love and what I do best; creating beautiful graphics and websites in HTML and CSS.

    For now though, I will be taking a break and taking a nice long week away in Hungary with my girlfriend. ROADTRIP! I haven’t been on vacation in years, and now, of all times, I think I deserve it more than any other time.