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Archive: Feb 2011

  1. The title speaks for itself really why not find out more. I’ve been thinking about it for months and I’ve decided that AbsoluteB really needs an overhaul. It’s been over a year now since v.7 launched as a step into a new direction (away from Flash that is) so I’ve finally hit the drawing board this week and started putting ideas into practice.

  2. It wasn’t so long ago that I redesigned the logo and website. The small company based in Reading, Pennsylvania and started by Ellen den Otter, offers a shopping and shipping service for non-US residents who wish to purchase consumer goods and electronics from the US because they’re cheaper or otherwise unavailable in their home country entirely. In many cases where US based online stores won’t ship outside the continental US, FromUS2EU offers the service that you can use their address as your own personal US address and they’ll forward the goods to where ever you are. They also offer a personal shopping service in cases where the product your wish to buy isn’t available online either. (more…)