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Get in touch! redesign gets a facelift

It wasn’t so long ago that I redesigned the logo and website. The small company based in Reading, Pennsylvania and started by Ellen den Otter, offers a shopping and shipping service for non-US residents who wish to purchase consumer goods and electronics from the US because they’re cheaper or otherwise unavailable in their home country entirely. In many cases where US based online stores won’t ship outside the continental US, FromUS2EU offers the service that you can use their address as your own personal US address and they’ll forward the goods to where ever you are. They also offer a personal shopping service in cases where the product your wish to buy isn’t available online either.

Initially, their website was simple, but it seemed to work. The little business which runs out of Ellen’s garage was growing and they wanted to expand on their success. They knew their website had a lot more potential than what it was offering so they came to Bonobos looking for an answer.

After quite some time going over the basics and the goals of what the site had to achieve, I went to work designing a site which I felt would work. Colleagues in the marketing department also did their job SEOing and SEAing the site increasing the relavent traffic flow.

One way or another however, the wasn’t improving as drastically as they had hoped. On the bright side, it wasn’t doing worse, but we’re aiming high here so no matter how you looked at the situation, it wasn’t what we had expected.

So we took another look at the site from different angles. And with so many instances where I would design something and come back to it, I saw faults and plenty of room for improvements. You might think from the way I’m describing the this refresh, that I went back in and started completely from scratch. But I was honestly pretty happy with the general look and feel I had created. A few tweaks here and there were all I felt were necessary.

Now normally, this would all happen BEFORE launch of the site, with testing taking place and finding out what works, what doesn’t, what looks right, what doesn’t. But due to time constrictions, this site had gone live all before that, so in essence, a complete redesign so soon was out of the question anyway.

The initial redesign had too much information. No one wants to spend more than 30 seconds reading what the site or the service provided is about. The first redesign created space for information but didn’t take into account the kind of information that would be placed. With the facelift, there was still plenty to be said, but with the SlideDeck I was able to redo the homepage without crowding the visitor. On top of that, I was even able to get even more information on the homepage than the previous redesign, so a win-win situation was created, that is, we’ll see if that’s the case once starts start to roll in from this re-redesign

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