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Archive: Oct 2011

  1. RIP Steve Jobs

    Thanks Steve for all you’ve done for the industry, the tech world, and Apple geeks like myself. You will be missed and remembered.

  2. As a web designer and front-end developer having worked on many various projects over the years, I’ve come to accept and understand that no two projects are alike. I should rephrase; no two clients are ever alike is what I should say. It’s the reason I don’t make use of a template system when it comes to custom projects. Because when a client pays for a unique website look and feel, it’s what the client’s going to get (at least when they’ve hired me). Client’s are going to have their own unique expectations based on several different factors. To name a few; expectations can be based on what a client wants or needs, what they’ve seen on the web already and what they know (or at least what they think they know). Just read all the entries on the Clients from Hell website and you’ll start to form a picture of how many clueless clients, bosses and managers there are out there. (more…)

  3. BBQ in October

    BBQ in October on our roof terrace

    It’s summer time in October! This kind of warm, sunny, blue sky, beautiful weather rarely even comes around during the summer months, let alone in the fall! So when the weather man says it’s going to be 25 degrees on a Saturday, you do what any other sane person would do: you have a BBQ!