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Archive: Feb 2012

  1. I’m a big fan of ads made for the Super Bowl. Companies spend millions creating them and millions more to air their 30 second, well, shall we call them masterpieces? In terms of conversion, Super Bowl ads are be pretty genius; they capture the attention of viewers and within 30 seconds (sometimes a whole minute) they tell a story, they inform, they brand and above all, they entertain. But what’s probably more important than any of those attributes, is that the ad attracts customers to call, signup, go out and buy, or at the least look up more information about the product. Otherwise it’s just waste of the company’s marketing budget. The last thing you’d expect is the ad to have a negative effect on your ROI, suck, well, that would just suck!


  2. It’s no secret that the economy, prices, sales, conversion rates, etc rise and fall in reflection to the time of year. For example, the colder winter months towards the end of the year usually spell increased sales due to Christmas and the general holiday season, while for some others it could mean a dip in conversion due to businesses slowing down (usually B2B). During the warmer summer months, sales might increase for vacation booking agencies but dip for some service based companies like heater fixing companies (I’m just guessing). Whatever your business or trade, your peaks and dips can usually be attributed to an annual pattern of some kind.

    The same goes for moods I’m sure. People tend to experience a sense of “bleh” during the colder, darker winter months and peak in their mood during the warmer beach-weather. I’m pretty sure for many web and graphic designers, this is the same. So I started to wonder; how does the time of the year affect the designs I create? (more…)