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Welcome to the all new AbsoluteB v9 – responsive and everythang!

FINALLY! V.9 of AbsoluteB is up and running and live, and not a moment too soon! Between buying, fixing up and moving into a new house, a full time job and preparing to become a new dad, I really didn’t have any way to get things done sooner. A free evening every now and then whenever I could summon the energy, a weekend every once in a while whenever I had the time. I think there were times I even conjured up make believe hours and days that didn’t even really exist. And we all know when you take this long (over 2 years since v.8 got launched) to redesign and redevelop a personal site, you start hating what you’ve done every few weeks and start again from scratch, so that didn’t help. In some ways, however, that’s a good thing and I’m glad I took my time to not rush it just for the sake of getting something out there.

As with every new launch of AbsoluteB, I’ve always tried to design and develop something that showcased how I had developed as a professional. This year though, I took a slightly different route and attempted to create something to reflect the person who I had become (or at least perceived to have become) over the past year (or two).

From 27″ iMac to 4″ iPhone

Sure, responsive design is somewhat of a fad you can’t really get around these days, but I’d like to think that it shows how I’ve become more aware and, dare I say it, mature about what’s developing around me. I mean, for the same money, I could have designed a site that was 1200 pixels wide and called it a day – yes I said 1200 and not 960. But the truth is, I find responsive design to be incredibly awesome and sexy, so really, I just couldn’t help myself.

Less is so much more

Another thing I guess worth mentioning is that I’ve somewhat designed the site backwards. By that I don’t mean starting with a mobile site and developing upwards towards a desktop version, but rather than adding ideas as they came along, once I thought I was done with the build, I would actually start with what I can only now consider to be a new crucial phase in design that I’ve come to appreciate: removing the clutter. Seriously, I stripped the site of so much unnecessary crap that I was worried visitors would think I was the laziest web developer in the world; It was that bare. But minimalism, clean, lots of white space and what-fold?  design is what seems to be driving the industry even more than ever these days, just take a look at iOS7 and you’ll see what I mean.

One small step for usability

At the end of the day, I hope the site is easier to use and more inviting to browse, I think it is anyway. Yes, I know it’s not as graphically illustrated as previous versions. If visitors want to see what I’m capable of in Photoshop, check out my portfolio. Heck, if analytics starts showing the average time on this site decreasing, I might consider that a small success in the sense that visitors see what they want to see, they get a clear, solid impression and move on to (tell their friends and family).

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