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Thank you Yourhosting for 3 years of good laughs and memorable times (and hard work too of course)

Yourhosting Marketing

Today is my last day at Yourhosting. After debating with myself on whether or not I should or shouldn’t leave, I eventually decided that the decision was actually an easy one and chose for, what ultimately is most important in my life right now; my family. So after 3 solid years of working with some of the coolest and brightest group of colleagues I’ve ever come to know and work with, it is with mixed emotions that I resign from my role as webmaster, front-ender and designer from Marketing. Because on the one hand I’m glad I’ve been able to land myself a new and exciting challenge which is much, much closer to home (more on that in a future post), but of course the down side of leaving and having to part ways goes hand in hand with making these kinds of choices.

For those who aren’t familiar with Dutch geography, Groningen, where I live, is about an hour and a half commute by car to Zwolle, where Yourhosting is located (give or take). And don’t even get me started on how long it takes with public transport! The 106km one way drive meant that I was driving 212km a day, 1060km a week, about 4240km a month, more than 50,000km a year! and that’s just if I drove to and from work. On average I was making over 65,000km a year. But the distance wasn’t even that much of an issue compared to the time I spent on the road which was bordering 15 hours a week. During the first two years I really didn’t even experience this as a big deal as I would simply use that time to reflect and clear my mind. I am after all, a driving fanatic. But since Connor was born and maybe even a little bit before that during the pregnancy, I started realizing just how much time that really was.

So a month ago, after details of a job became finalized, I told the people I’ve been working with day in, day out for the past 3 years that I had made a decision and that I would be leaving. Lucky for me, beyond the shocked reactions I got, I was really happy and relieved that everyone was equally as encouraging and that everyone ultimately understood my reasons for leaving. It probably helped some that a majority of colleagues had also recently become parents and I think they could all relate to where I was coming from.

The past 3 years have been anything but boring or dull. What I thought was me accepting a job to work, create and improve one or two websites, turned into working on several different projects of various calibers for numerous brands and labels, both existing and new. And don’t kid yourself! It’s more than just registering a domain name and a hosting service. Beyond the basics of it all, the Web hosting and domain name market is huge, like, ginormous! It’s so weird how I had been designing and developing websites for over 13 years but when I came to Yourhosting I quickly realized how little I knew about the products and services I had been using on a daily basis.

And sure it hasn’t always been a smooth ride. What roller-coaster doesn’t come with it’s fair share of hair raising loops and turns. “Het hoort erbij“. But what has really made the experience stand out and unique and the thing I’m truly going to miss most of all are the people I got to work with. Because they’re the ones who helped make the awesome projects awesome, the projects that were less fun bearable and they helped shake off the projects that didn’t work out with a good dosage of humor, albeit with a hidden tear sometimes.

So thank you Yourhosting for putting up with me and allowing me the opportunity to work so closely with such a great group of people in such a wonderfully cold/hot/warm/freezing environment!


  1. Sander

    It’s all about moving forward, especially when you have to take care of a family. It takes one to know one ;)
    Good luck bro!

    “Any man can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a dad.” – Anne Geddes

  2. Henk

    Hi Barry,

    Nice to hear you had a great time at YH. For 2 years ago we traveling togetter and I remember you were shocked About te time for traveling The public (train/bus).

    Wish you all the best with Your new challenge !

  3. Arjen


    Didn’t catch you since I had a day off on your final day, but still wanted to say thanks! Even if I’m not a dad I can totally imagine your considerations. Also, I’m pretty sure your knowledge and skills will bring the laboratory in Grunn to a higher level.

    Greetings and all the best,


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