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  1. Apple iPhone 6 Plus home screen pixels

    We live in a world of symmetry, or at least we tend to prefer symmetrical things to unsymmetrical things. For the sake of dramatizing let’s just call it what it is; chaos. Things that have no symmetry and no pattern, are in a state of chaos and chaos is nuts. So we prefer symmetry. We use in design, we use it in engineering, in science. It even occurs beyond our control in nature (butterflies, sea shells, snow flakes) and beyond our reach in space! Things make sense when they’re symmetrical. So when I look at my €1000 iPhone 6 Plus screen and notice that the spacing and gutters between the icons and dock are not symmetrical, I just have to ask. WTF Apple? (more…)

  2. lab050

    Not much to say at this point really. I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about in the coming weeks and months but for now I just wanted to put it out there that after taking the past week for myself and my family, starting from tomorrow I will be doing by utmost best and giving everything I’ve got to kick ass alongside the other members of the Lab050 team in Groningen. I’m looking forward to getting started! (more…)

  3. Yourhosting Marketing

    Today is my last day at Yourhosting. After debating with myself on whether or not I should or shouldn’t leave, I eventually decided that the decision was actually an easy one and chose for, what ultimately is most important in my life right now; my family. So after 3 solid years of working with some of the coolest and brightest group of colleagues I’ve ever come to know and work with, it is with mixed emotions that I resign from my role as webmaster, front-ender and designer from Marketing. Because on the one hand I’m glad I’ve been able to land myself a new and exciting challenge which is much, much closer to home (more on that in a future post), but of course the down side of leaving and having to part ways goes hand in hand with making these kinds of choices. (more…)

  4. FINALLY! V.9 of AbsoluteB is up and running and live, and not a moment too soon! Between buying, fixing up and moving into a new house, a full time job and preparing to become a new dad, I really didn’t have any way to get things done sooner. A free evening every now and then whenever I could summon the energy, a weekend every once in a while whenever I had the time. I think there were times I even conjured up make believe hours and days that didn’t even really exist. And we all know when you take this long (over 2 years since v.8 got launched) to redesign and redevelop a personal site, you start hating what you’ve done every few weeks and start again from scratch, so that didn’t help. In some ways, however, that’s a good thing and I’m glad I took my time to not rush it just for the sake of getting something out there. (more…)

  5. Maybe it’s just me, but I haven’t come across many websites or web apps that utilize drag and drop solutions. Why is that? Drag and drop seems like such an ideal tool for so many different things. Is it because it’s not mainstream enough? It’s it not cross browser/platform compatible enough? Do users not get it? And if users don’t get it, why is that? Is the concept of drag and drop just too confusing or complex? Or can good design do something to aid in the perceived affordance, i.e.: getting users to understand what they can drag and where they can drop it. (more…)

  6. In case you didn’t already know, I’m all about planning. I’m a big planner, regardless of the situation or project. Not in a stifling way, but just so that I know what to expect and what’s coming up over the horizon. My day, my week, my finances, I could be going on vacation and I’d still need to plan it all out. If I’m going on a road trip, I’ll need to strategically plan the loading of the luggage in the trunk, making sure it’s stowed as efficiently as possible, while still being able to reach back and get things if and when necessary. The navigation will have been set days before and double checked, and the car will have had fluid changes and tire pressure checks long before the departure day. If by air, I’ll carefully plan the packing of handheld luggage so that things like passports are easily accessible yet secure and that things like inflight entertainment are also packed in order of what-I-might-want-to-do-first. (more…)

  7. I remember years ago when I first discovered WordPress, how excited and thrilled I was to be able build fully dynamic websites quickly and easily. Need to setup a site quick? No problem, WordPress is good at that, in fact, many web hosting companies offer a simple one click install for those who don’t desire to get into the MySQL/PHP setup. Need extra functionality? Download one of the thousands of plugin that all do the same thing. Need more help? Ask the community or simply Google for tutorials. Possibilities are endless. And over the years, WordPress has ever evolved into so much more than just a blogging tool. It’s the CMS of choice for many web designers, web developers and bloggers for one simple reason; its simplicity and its focus on ever improving usability and ease of use. Within that simplicity however lies perhaps one of it’s biggest drawbacks, notably for web designers and developers; it makes assumptions, and it makes plenty of them. (more…)

  8. It was just over a year ago that Jochen Pethke approached me to design a logo for Pethconi Racing. Being an avid Volvo enthusiast/crazy person myself, I gladly took on the project. To this day it remains one of my most favorite designs, not just because it combines two of my biggest passions (design and Volvo’s) but because of it’s simplicity and the way it takes the boxy, family station wagon silhouette and manages to create an elegant, fast and exciting element.

    Jochen was kind enough to send me photos of his new racing suit for the coming race season which shows how the logo proudly sewn on both the left chest area and sleeve right along some great logos like the original 850 Volvo Racing logo from the BTCC days and the Tom Walkinshaw Racing logo.

    Check after the jump for more images of the awesome Pethconi Racing Volvo 850


  9. I’m a big fan of ads made for the Super Bowl. Companies spend millions creating them and millions more to air their 30 second, well, shall we call them masterpieces? In terms of conversion, Super Bowl ads are be pretty genius; they capture the attention of viewers and within 30 seconds (sometimes a whole minute) they tell a story, they inform, they brand and above all, they entertain. But what’s probably more important than any of those attributes, is that the ad attracts customers to call, signup, go out and buy, or at the least look up more information about the product. Otherwise it’s just waste of the company’s marketing budget. The last thing you’d expect is the ad to have a negative effect on your ROI, suck, well, that would just suck!