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  1. It’s no secret that the economy, prices, sales, conversion rates, etc rise and fall in reflection to the time of year. For example, the colder winter months towards the end of the year usually spell increased sales due to Christmas and the general holiday season, while for some others it could mean a dip in conversion due to businesses slowing down (usually B2B). During the warmer summer months, sales might increase for vacation booking agencies but dip for some service based companies like heater fixing companies (I’m just guessing). Whatever your business or trade, your peaks and dips can usually be attributed to an annual pattern of some kind.

    The same goes for moods I’m sure. People tend to experience a sense of “bleh” during the colder, darker winter months and peak in their mood during the warmer beach-weather. I’m pretty sure for many web and graphic designers, this is the same. So I started to wonder; how does the time of the year affect the designs I create? (more…)

  2. Of all the various kinds of websites and webpages a designer could possibly be asked to create, designing landing pages, and more specifically, landing pages for Google AdWords, ranks as one of my favorite kinds of projects to undertake. Landing page projects usually offer the clear cut challenge to inform and convince the visitor in mere seconds that they should choose this particular service or product rather than clicking back to their search even bothering to check the next ranking competitor. Designing specifically for AdWords means that that I don’t have to take SEO into as much consideration like I usually would because I don’t have to worry about Google indexing the page or ranking it based on content. (more…)

  3. RIP Steve Jobs

    Thanks Steve for all you’ve done for the industry, the tech world, and Apple geeks like myself. You will be missed and remembered.

  4. As a web designer and front-end developer having worked on many various projects over the years, I’ve come to accept and understand that no two projects are alike. I should rephrase; no two clients are ever alike is what I should say. It’s the reason I don’t make use of a template system when it comes to custom projects. Because when a client pays for a unique website look and feel, it’s what the client’s going to get (at least when they’ve hired me). Client’s are going to have their own unique expectations based on several different factors. To name a few; expectations can be based on what a client wants or needs, what they’ve seen on the web already and what they know (or at least what they think they know). Just read all the entries on the Clients from Hell website and you’ll start to form a picture of how many clueless clients, bosses and managers there are out there. (more…)

  5. BBQ in October

    BBQ in October on our roof terrace

    It’s summer time in October! This kind of warm, sunny, blue sky, beautiful weather rarely even comes around during the summer months, let alone in the fall! So when the weather man says it’s going to be 25 degrees on a Saturday, you do what any other sane person would do: you have a BBQ!

  6. I work at YourHosting

    Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been in talks with YourHosting, Holland’s largest shared hosting provider located in Zwolle. After a couple of interesting and positive discussions, they came back with an offer which I happily agreed to, meaning that from November 1st, I will be in Zwolle helping to improve their site’s design, work flow, usability and overal general perception. I’m looking forward to it. It’s certainly going to be a welcomed change to my daily ins-and-outs at Bonobos where I’ll be going from pixel-pushing literally thousands of sites in as short amount of time as possible, to striving to improve, test and get the absolute best out of a few single, well thought through and unique sites.

    It’s been fun, though at times a bit of bumpy ride during my 2 years at Bonobos. One thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely be missing the people and the laughs. I’m sure I’ll be meeting new and great people with whom I’ll also be able to share plenty more laughs with at YourHosting, but I know I’ll be keeping in touch one way or another with a few from the horny monkey company.

    With that being said: Cya and thanks Bonobos, and hello YourHosting!

  7. I’ve joined Elance

    AbsoluteB was redesigned, redeveloped and optimized to attract and grab the attention of potential clients looking for a creative designer or a proficient front-end developer (read: me) to take part in an already ongoing projects or to take on a project from start to finish from scratch. So far, AbsoluteB has gotten a lot of really positive feedback, even being accepted as a nominee for a Site of the Day Awwward and currently rating a 8.8 from visitor votes! But results from SEO can sometimes take time and isn’t always guaranteed seeing as it isn’t really an exact science. So in an effort to get the ball rolling sooner, I’ve created an account on Elance. Elance is like 99Designs (where I also have an account) except rather than taking on a project and doing all the work with only the hope that you win the intensive competition and gain anything for your work, Elance is an actual platform for businesses and contractors and freelancers to find each other on a level playing field where a proposal are made by either party and can be accepted or turned down.

    So here’s hoping that it turns up something positive. Of course if you’re intrigued by my work just by visiting my site and viewing my portfolio, then you’re obviously more than welcome to contact me through the contact form in the footer!

  8. It’s taken a while. It’s taken a very long while; conceptualizing in my head, on paper, trying things, hating them, starting over, liking it a little more, etc. But that’s the problem when you design something for yourself; you’re insanely critical of your own work and you’ll sooner beat the sanity out of yourself than accept that something is finished or a good idea. But above all, I simply was not being able to create time to spend on v.8. But it’s here and I’m glad it’s done.

    The new takes everything I’ve learnt from the past 12 years of designing into account. HTML5, CSS3, SEO, JQuery, IE bug fixes, cross platform compatibility, etc, it’s all in here. (but please, forgive me if you do stumble on any bugs. Just let me know so I can go ahead of fix it.)

    With the launch of my new site, I guess it’s only fitting that I acknowledge that it’s time to move on and away from Bonobos. It’s been 2 years of pixel-pushing production work accompanied with some good times and fun, creative colleagues as well as many, many lessons I’ll certainly be taking with me. I’ll be sticking around till my contract which runs out December 1st, unless I find something else before then, in which case I’ll be leaving sooner.

    Without turning this first post on the new site into a somber one, it should be said that I’m really excited to discover what’s out there. I haven’t really looked much these past 2 years and all this chatter about the economy being in shambles doesn’t really phase me (yet) so I’m curious to see where I’ll end up and what I’ll even be doing in 3 months. Nothing like going head-first into the unknown!

  9. The title speaks for itself really why not find out more. I’ve been thinking about it for months and I’ve decided that AbsoluteB really needs an overhaul. It’s been over a year now since v.7 launched as a step into a new direction (away from Flash that is) so I’ve finally hit the drawing board this week and started putting ideas into practice.

  10. It wasn’t so long ago that I redesigned the logo and website. The small company based in Reading, Pennsylvania and started by Ellen den Otter, offers a shopping and shipping service for non-US residents who wish to purchase consumer goods and electronics from the US because they’re cheaper or otherwise unavailable in their home country entirely. In many cases where US based online stores won’t ship outside the continental US, FromUS2EU offers the service that you can use their address as your own personal US address and they’ll forward the goods to where ever you are. They also offer a personal shopping service in cases where the product your wish to buy isn’t available online either. (more…)