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Category Archive: AbsoluteB

  1. FINALLY! V.9 of AbsoluteB is up and running and live, and not a moment too soon! Between buying, fixing up and moving into a new house, a full time job and preparing to become a new dad, I really didn’t have any way to get things done sooner. A free evening every now and then whenever I could summon the energy, a weekend every once in a while whenever I had the time. I think there were times I even conjured up make believe hours and days that didn’t even really exist. And we all know when you take this long (over 2 years since v.8 got launched) to redesign and redevelop a personal site, you start hating what you’ve done every few weeks and start again from scratch, so that didn’t help. In some ways, however, that’s a good thing and I’m glad I took my time to not rush it just for the sake of getting something out there. (more…)

  2. It’s taken a while. It’s taken a very long while; conceptualizing in my head, on paper, trying things, hating them, starting over, liking it a little more, etc. But that’s the problem when you design something for yourself; you’re insanely critical of your own work and you’ll sooner beat the sanity out of yourself than accept that something is finished or a good idea. But above all, I simply was not being able to create time to spend on v.8. But it’s here and I’m glad it’s done.

    The new takes everything I’ve learnt from the past 12 years of designing into account. HTML5, CSS3, SEO, JQuery, IE bug fixes, cross platform compatibility, etc, it’s all in here. (but please, forgive me if you do stumble on any bugs. Just let me know so I can go ahead of fix it.)

    With the launch of my new site, I guess it’s only fitting that I acknowledge that it’s time to move on and away from Bonobos. It’s been 2 years of pixel-pushing production work accompanied with some good times and fun, creative colleagues as well as many, many lessons I’ll certainly be taking with me. I’ll be sticking around till my contract which runs out December 1st, unless I find something else before then, in which case I’ll be leaving sooner.

    Without turning this first post on the new site into a somber one, it should be said that I’m really excited to discover what’s out there. I haven’t really looked much these past 2 years and all this chatter about the economy being in shambles doesn’t really phase me (yet) so I’m curious to see where I’ll end up and what I’ll even be doing in 3 months. Nothing like going head-first into the unknown!

  3. The title speaks for itself really why not find out more. I’ve been thinking about it for months and I’ve decided that AbsoluteB really needs an overhaul. It’s been over a year now since v.7 launched as a step into a new direction (away from Flash that is) so I’ve finally hit the drawing board this week and started putting ideas into practice.

  4. Done yet? um… no

    As is generally the case with most web projects, announcing completion just means that you’re done with that particular phase of the project and that you can proceed on to the next; post project maintenance, bug fixing, etc. AbsoluteB was no different, though I have to say it could have been worse and I really shouldn’t even complain. The launch of AbsoluteB went really very smoothly with some minor cross browser/platform CSS issues which I partially blame on the fact that this was the very first project I completed on my just over two month old Macbook Pro. And of course I’ve done cross browser testing on past projects, but for a second I forgot about the usual suspect for compatibility issues; MS Internet Explorer (yikes). (more…)

  5. Welcome! It’s been a long time coming and it’s taken a lot of time and effort and many, many sleepless nights, but it’s finally completed, and not just that, its actually up and running! The new is here and it’s live! Yaaay!

    AbsoluteB isn’t a face lift of the previous version. This is a complete overhaul from the ground up! I started on blank sheet of paper and I’ve been back to the drawing board on several occasions just to get things right (technically this is AbsoluteB version 7.2 if I’m honest). Naturally the biggest obstacles for me involved deciding what direction to take this personal endeavor. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been attempting to to create a richer, faster and even move exciting designs than the last, and though I still try this in everything that I do, I must say that this version actually required me to take a few steps back from what I was used to. Rather, simple, clean and less BOOM where the initial ground rules of this project. (more…)