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Category Archive: Apple

  1. Apple iPhone 6 Plus home screen pixels

    We live in a world of symmetry, or at least we tend to prefer symmetrical things to unsymmetrical things. For the sake of dramatizing let’s just call it what it is; chaos. Things that have no symmetry and no pattern, are in a state of chaos and chaos is nuts. So we prefer symmetry. We use in design, we use it in engineering, in science. It even occurs beyond our control in nature (butterflies, sea shells, snow flakes) and beyond our reach in space! Things make sense when they’re symmetrical. So when I look at my €1000 iPhone 6 Plus screen and notice that the spacing and gutters between the icons and dock are not symmetrical, I just have to ask. WTF Apple? (more…)

  2. RIP Steve Jobs

    Thanks Steve for all you’ve done for the industry, the tech world, and Apple geeks like myself. You will be missed and remembered.

  3. 7 on the Pro


    It was strange; that feeling I got seeing a Windows logo boot up on my Pro was almost identical to the chills I got while watching the movie Paranormal Activity. It just didn’t seem right at all. I got around the other day to installing Windows 7 Ultimate through Bootcamp, and I have to admit that my initial impressions have been positive, not just in a sense when compared to Vista (which I never owned anyway) but also as an OS overall. Granted I haven’t been, nor do I plan, on using it very heavily. The only two reasons I did this was one; testing of cross platform compatibility of my work and two; gaming (Counter Strike: Source to be precise). 7 has been snappy and perky compared to my experience with Vista, but then I’ve read articles that, ironically, Windows has the tendency to run better and smoother on a Mac anyway, so I don’t know how it will run on your average consumer PC. I will say that compared to my last Windows experience, which was XP, it’s definitely a graphical step in the right direction, and I would actually go so far as to say that I like it.

    Does it phase me into considering going back to a PC though? Nope, not even close. I still consider OS X, by design alone, a much simpler and user friendly OS, and above all else, I just love OS X, even more so since Snow Leopard came out. That’s not to say that things won’t change in the future, in fact, I’m willing to go out on a limb that unless Apple makes a giant leap forward in their next OS, that whatever comes after 7 (an educated guess would be 8) will be something for the company from Cupertino, CA to seriously worry about!