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Category Archive: Layout

  1. Apple iPhone 6 Plus home screen pixels

    We live in a world of symmetry, or at least we tend to prefer symmetrical things to unsymmetrical things. For the sake of dramatizing let’s just call it what it is; chaos. Things that have no symmetry and no pattern, are in a state of chaos and chaos is nuts. So we prefer symmetry. We use in design, we use it in engineering, in science. It even occurs beyond our control in nature (butterflies, sea shells, snow flakes) and beyond our reach in space! Things make sense when they’re symmetrical. So when I look at my €1000 iPhone 6 Plus screen and notice that the spacing and gutters between the icons and dock are not symmetrical, I just have to ask. WTF Apple? (more…)

  2. FINALLY! V.9 of AbsoluteB is up and running and live, and not a moment too soon! Between buying, fixing up and moving into a new house, a full time job and preparing to become a new dad, I really didn’t have any way to get things done sooner. A free evening every now and then whenever I could summon the energy, a weekend every once in a while whenever I had the time. I think there were times I even conjured up make believe hours and days that didn’t even really exist. And we all know when you take this long (over 2 years since v.8 got launched) to redesign and redevelop a personal site, you start hating what you’ve done every few weeks and start again from scratch, so that didn’t help. In some ways, however, that’s a good thing and I’m glad I took my time to not rush it just for the sake of getting something out there. (more…)

  3. As a web designer and front-end developer having worked on many various projects over the years, I’ve come to accept and understand that no two projects are alike. I should rephrase; no two clients are ever alike is what I should say. It’s the reason I don’t make use of a template system when it comes to custom projects. Because when a client pays for a unique website look and feel, it’s what the client’s going to get (at least when they’ve hired me). Client’s are going to have their own unique expectations based on several different factors. To name a few; expectations can be based on what a client wants or needs, what they’ve seen on the web already and what they know (or at least what they think they know). Just read all the entries on the Clients from Hell website and you’ll start to form a picture of how many clueless clients, bosses and managers there are out there. (more…)

  4. hell

    As the saying goes; “the customer is always right” and I believe that to a certain extent. Obviously in this line of work, we have to aim high in order to make the client happy when it comes to the projects they bestow upon us. I take a lot of pride in the websites that I design and build and when a client’s expectations are surpassed and when whatever they initially had in mind pales in comparison to the end result of my work, I feel a real sense of accomplishment. This week however, I experienced client intervention to an all new extreme! So much so in fact, that the website I had initially designed and built and was so proud of will unfortunately not be finding its way into my portfolio.

    Before I go any further and get into it, I would like to share this link which I got from a Bonobos colleague which pretty much sums up my story, but in a much funnier and more graphical way. Check out How a web design goes straight to hell. (more…)

  5. fiss

    One of my favorite design studios, FI, or Fantasy Interactive. has given their website a face lift, and though it can hardly be called a redesign at all, I have to say that its a huge improvement on a design that was pretty much near perfect to begin with. I remember when FI launched their previous site, which replaced a design that was, in comparison, very flashy and inspiring, it was met with quite some criticism that it didn’t quite represent the company as it should have. That design incorporated a lot of 3D, dynamic Flash components and video and it was a whole new standard on its own. With the previous iteration of the site, things calmed down and the idea was to let FI’s work speak for itself, rather than the website itself. Given how the trend of web design is towards clean, sensible usability, which everyone seems to be following, only a few agencies like FI could go with those trends and still come out with something unique and special, and this face lift is such a breath of fresh air! (more…)

  6. Analysed


    I always try to stay on top of things, regardless of what it is. Whether it be related to design, development, Internet, technology, economy, gadgets or automotive, I just wanna know it all! It’s in this way that I first read the rumor that Apple was probably about to launch a new mouse, and this while I had just bought a wireless Mighty Mouse. Not wanting to be stuck with old tech, I rushed back to the Media Markt electronics store and returned it within the 2 week period in which this was allowed and got a full refund. Two months later, sure enough, Apple launched the Magic Mouse and though I have yet to pick one up, I’m glad I’m not stuck with the soooo 2009 Mighty Mouse.

    Among the many news/social sites and blogs that I visit daily, even hourly, is definitely one of them, and recently the International news network launched a new site, which I have to admit took some getting used to, but having spent some time on the new site, I found the user experience to be much leaner and cleaner than the previous design. Like all new sites and designs I come across, I looked at it analytically, wondering if there was anything I would have done differently or if there was anything I could maybe learn from their new, (I’m assuming) well thought through design. Then I came across an interesting article on Web Designer Depot . It described the new layout, design and usability of the site and brought up some interesting points. Some of which I agree with, others I don’t so much. None the less, I thought it was worth sharing! (more…)