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Category Archive: Photoshop

  1. I’ve been using Photoshop for years and years and yet sometimes it really does come down to the little things that make all the difference when it comes to learning new methods and techniques. Ever since I can remember, whenever I’ve needed to create a shape, I’ve always hated that Photoshop would, by default, blur the edge of the shape. Why it did this I had no idea. I always threw me off and my only fixes were to either mask is off or rasterize the shape and crop off the semi-transparent edge; easy enough with shapes like squares and rounded rectangles, but not so much with more complex shapes.

    Till I learned about a little check box in a drop down I’ve always neglected to use (for the better part of 10 years – if the option existed back then). By checking the Snap to Pixels option, Photoshop will no longer determine that your design requires a blurred edge and will keep the shape sharp and crisp! Yes, it’s that easy. And think of the many hours wasted fixing the problem the old fashioned way!