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Category Archive: YourHosting

  1. Yourhosting Marketing

    Today is my last day at Yourhosting. After debating with myself on whether or not I should or shouldn’t leave, I eventually decided that the decision was actually an easy one and chose for, what ultimately is most important in my life right now; my family. So after 3 solid years of working with some of the coolest and brightest group of colleagues I’ve ever come to know and work with, it is with mixed emotions that I resign from my role as webmaster, front-ender and designer from Marketing. Because on the one hand I’m glad I’ve been able to land myself a new and exciting challenge which is much, much closer to home (more on that in a future post), but of course the down side of leaving and having to part ways goes hand in hand with making these kinds of choices. (more…)

  2. I work at YourHosting

    Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been in talks with YourHosting, Holland’s largest shared hosting provider located in Zwolle. After a couple of interesting and positive discussions, they came back with an offer which I happily agreed to, meaning that from November 1st, I will be in Zwolle helping to improve their site’s design, work flow, usability and overal general perception. I’m looking forward to it. It’s certainly going to be a welcomed change to my daily ins-and-outs at Bonobos where I’ll be going from pixel-pushing literally thousands of sites in as short amount of time as possible, to striving to improve, test and get the absolute best out of a few single, well thought through and unique sites.

    It’s been fun, though at times a bit of bumpy ride during my 2 years at Bonobos. One thing’s for sure, I’ll definitely be missing the people and the laughs. I’m sure I’ll be meeting new and great people with whom I’ll also be able to share plenty more laughs with at YourHosting, but I know I’ll be keeping in touch one way or another with a few from the horny monkey company.

    With that being said: Cya and thanks Bonobos, and hello YourHosting!